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Learning Thai:
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Learn about the dark side of ClickThai!
ClickThai Dictionary on CD

The 2012 Edition is now available for the first time in Thai-English. About 55.000 Thai words with 57132 Englisch terms and 46,624 Transcription entrys. Every Thai word is supplied with a sound file spoken by a native Thai speaker.

The CD contains no program and no electronic search, only HTML pages that are compatible with any operating system. Use it like a book. Info
One of the outstanding features: If you get a list of 10 different Thai words for a particular English term then you might not know which of them you should use. Not so with this dictionary: the results are sorted by relevance. The words used most frequently in the written language, are at the first places. If in doubt, just take one the first words where the full translation fit your requirements. Info


PC Keyboards with an English layout and additional Thai Characters. Info

Sticker labels with Thai characters for the upgrading of an existing keyboard - the affordable alternative, if the Thai-allocation is needed only occasionally. Info

The renowned Thailand Map from www.clickthai.de is available here on CD or PDF for download. Online it has received a lot of competition in recent years, but as a PDF map for offline browsing it is unbeaten. Info