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ClickThai Mobile for Android

Version 2.0




The ClickThai dictionary Thai-English is available as App at the Android Market (Google Play). It offers more than 200,000 entries (71,000 Thai / 72.000 English / 65,000 Transcription). This is more than the basic vocabulary, but also technical terms from medicine, engineering, biology and other specialties are included.

All Thai words are equipped with sound. You can listen to the word, again and again, until you have fully understood it. The sound files are recorded with a native Thai speaker and is not a synthetic computer voice.

The program works offline - there is no Internet connection required after full installation. Thus, no roaming fees may be applicable if the program is used on your next trip in Thailand.

New in Version 2.0:
Word-by-Word translation for Thai text. Lists every word in a Thai sentence together with translation.
Memo function, see description below.

You can search for English and for transcription words. You can search for Thai words in Thai script too, but you need to install a Thai keyboard. The ClickThai-Keyboard is not included, but available for free in the Market. After installing it must be registered in android settings. Then you can switch between all installed keyboards on your Phone or Pad.

In the following examples you will find one for each of the three search directions.


1. English - Search for the Thai word

Suchergebnis Deutsch

Picture 1

If you are searching for the Thai word with the meaning of "Street", first select "English" for the input language. Then tap into the input field to write the search term.

After the third entered character, a list with possible terms will be displayed and updated with every keystroke (Picture 1).

Hide the keyboard to see the full list (Picture 2). Here you find "street", the word you are searching for. You can tap on it to start the search.

Depending on the search term, this list can be very long. With hided keyboard you can scroll down the entire list to find your word, but maybe it's easier to enter one or more characters in the input line to get a shorter list. If the list becomes empty while typing in, then it means, there is no word with that beginning in the dictionary.

Suchergebnis Detail

Picture 2

Picture 3

The search result list is a scrollable list (Picture 3), containing all dictionary entries with the word "street" and also words that are fully contained within the search term. At the top positions you see the direct hits, sorted by relevance. This means that most frequently used terms appear in the upper positions.

You can tap the listed entries to see detailled translations. Try the first one and you will see the details (Picture 4).

Here is the word in Thai script and in transcription, and one or more English definitions. The transcription show you the right tone for every syllable (in red color). And - if the speaker symbol is visible - you can hear the Thai word in a natural voice, spoken by a native Thai. More than 20.000 Thai words have a sound file included.

With the arrow buttons you can walk through the details without the need to going back to the search result list.


Picture 4

2. Transcription - Search for an Thai word

Suchergebnis Deutsch

Picture 5

If someone is asking you in Thai language, and you don't know what he want, you can try to find a word as you hear it.

Maybe you hear something like "talat glang nam". Select "Transcript" in your dictionary and type in what you've heard. Regardless of long or short, type in only short vowels. Regardless of soft or hard, type in only soft consonants. We call this "simplified transcription"

Try it with "talat glang nam" or "talatglangnam".

When you start to enter the word, after the third character you'll see the list with all possible words. After typing "talat" you get a screen like Picture 5. The second entry is what you are searching for. Tap on this entry to see the search result list (Picture 6). It's the same as when you enter the full word and tap "Search". Details are available to see Thai script and translation.

So it becomes easy to find any word that you hear on the street.

Picture 6

3. Thai - Search for English translation

Picture 7

If you know the Thai script of a word, you can search for Thai terms too.

Searching for ตลาด also requires only to type in the first characters to find the full word in the list (Picture 7). Tap on the first entry to get the search result list for all words containing ตลาด at the beginning or the end or within other Thai words (Picture 8).

As in all the examples, the search result list can be very long and shows the beginning of the detailled translation in smaller script. This will help to find the right word. Full translation details are available for every single entry in the list.

Picture 8

4. Word-By-Word-Translation

You have found a Thai text on the Internet or receive a text message or email in Thai and want to know what it is about?

Copy them into here and tap "Translate".

Because the sentences are written together without spaces, you may not know where a word begins and where it ends, you can not look up each word in the dictionary. This program makes it easy for you.


Here in the screenshot, the Android spelling control has marked some words underlined in red, which it considers written wrong. Please ignore these tags, they are hard to understand anyway. For the translation, they do not matter.

The program divides the text that is not separated by a space, into single words and lists it among themselves. The beginning of the translation is already visible in the list. For each entry, a full translation is available. You see when you tap an entry.

Open the first entry and then go with the arrow through all the words in the list, then you at least get an idea of the meaning of the text.

Mind you, this is purely a word-for-word translation. Untranslatable parts as inserted English words or numbers are sorted in place, will not be translated.

5. Memo function

If you prepare yourself for a particular situation, and want to have a few words ready to use, then the memo function is just the thing for you. Search at your leisure and choose the needed words which fits best your requirements.

In any detailed view of the dictionary you will find the "Memo" button on top right with which this entry can be entered in the memo list.

When you call Memo, you will see a list of all previously stored memos. Tapping on an entry, the detailed display will appear exactly as you saw earlier in the dictionary.

New entries are always inserted at the end of the list, so that the words that you have concocted for a particular situation, stay together.

All entries can be deleted individually or edited afterwards. Also provided is a complete deletion. Individual, specially marked items can be excluded from the total deletion.

If you encounter a word that is not (yet) included in the dictionary, and you want to remember, you can create your own entries in the memo.

There are no rules to enter own entries. Write it with or without Thai script, with or without transcription. The important thing is the keyword, which should be displayed in the memo list, and a detailed description of at least rudimentary. The search word can be an English or Thai word, or transcription. It is only important that you find it again later in the list and you can see your notes.

You can check your own entry in the preview before you save it.
After saving, you will find your own entry at the end of the memo list.



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