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Learning Thai:
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ClickThai Vocabulary Trainer for iPhone® and iPod Touch®


Version 1.0


The ultimate ClickThai vocabulary trainer comes with features that you have been waiting for:

  • A whopping set of as many as 5854 Thai words with their English meaning is included. No need to add own vocabulary or to purchase fee-based enhancements.
  • The carefully selected words are sorted into seven stages according to their importance. So you can be sure that the basic words are learned first and vocabulary will be expanded and refined gradually.
  • From the entire vocabulary, a pool of 100 or more words is available at any time. Only when a word has been learned and removed from the pool, the next one will move up.
  • All Thai words are listenable as often as you need it. With this easy to understand studio recordings of a male Thai-speaker, you can learn to pronounce words correctly. And you can practice the understanding of spoken Thai at the same time.
  • Four different exercise modes are available to learn every word in different aspects.
  • Each word is presented randomly twelve times before it is deemed to be as learned. But this assumes that it has been recognized twelve times right because the counter is counted down at a wrong answer by two.
  • A learned and thus removed word from the pool is still available in the review list. There you can see from time to time and check if you still know the word. If not, then it can be put back in the pool in order to learn it again. Thus, the number of words in the pool can rise to more than100.
  • The integrated dictionary knows all Thai words from the training area. Because that's definitely the most important words of the Thai language are, you can quickly find not yet learned words when needed.
  • Up to five students can use the program independently of each other.

For the exercises we have decided to use the multiple-choice, because it is recognized for offering basic benefits. If you do not already familiar with the actual word, it's perfectly legitimate to come across to the right answer with the process of elimination of alternatives. The main thing is to think about the displayed alternatives. If you can rule out two of the three, than you know, that the remaining is the right one. But this is only one way to learn.

Of course, the meaning of an unknown word can be displayed during the exercise (tap the "Show" button), but then you lose the ability to tap the correct answer for this time. But if this word will be randomly presented next time, you will have an idea about his meaning.

The selected word and offered alternatives to the right answer are always randomly and therefore different at any other presentation. They all come only from the current pool. This ensures that the 100 in the pool available words are presented within a narrow time frame to each other and learned together.

Reading the Thai script is not subject to this trainer, but can be trained on the way, if the necessary foundations are in place already. To assist the Thai reading, transcription of a Thai word can be turned off. So you are not tempted to read them instead of the Thai script. To write Thai however is not necessary in this program and is not trained.


With five buttons at the bottom of the screen, the operation mode is selected. They are explained briefly below, with screenshots. A detailed description of the exercise mode is given below.
1. User
  Picture 1 Picture 2  

Up to five different users can use the vocabulary trainer completely independent of each other. To create a new user, only an user name is required (Picture 2), to show later in the selection list (Picture 1).

Papa, Mama and the kids may learn Thai words and must buy the program only once, when the device is shared. Also, a single user can create another account, for example, to start over again after a long break.

After choosing a user, the exercises mode will come up.

2. Exercises
Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6

Four different exercise modes to choose from are provided (Pictures 3-6)

Thai A Thai word, with or without transcription, is displayed, and a choice of three English descriptions to select the right one.
English An English word is displayed, and a choice of three Thai words with or without transcription, to select the right one. The sound output is disabled in this case - otherwise the answer would be easy to guess.
Audio No word is displayed, but a Thai word it is spoken. Also here a choice of three English descriptions to select the right one.
Learning Here the entire pool can be browsed from the beginning to the end, to see Thai words along with the English definitions.
3. Review
  Picture 7 Picture 8  
In the review list (Picture 7) all the words are collected that have been removed from the pool after the successful learning. These remain deliberately in the order in which they were removed. So you can check the top of the deleted words from time to time to see if you still know them.
Under uncertainty you can again call the definition. If necessary, the word can be restored from there back into the pool in order to learn it again. On the other hand, the entries in the review list can also permanently deleted, so that they can not re-enter the pool. The integrated dictionary is not affected, all the words are permanently available here.
4. Help
A complete help file is included, of course. All functions of the vocabulary trainer and the dictionary are described comprehensively here. Also a list of all used abbreviations is included.
5. Dictionary

The integrated dictionary is the same program as the large ClickThai dictionary. However, it contains only the words that appear in the vocabulary trainer. Since these are by definition the most important Thai words, you have a dictionary at hand, where you will find quickly all the words not yet learned.

The entries in the dictionary are often far more detailed than in the vocabulary trainer, since there the definitions have been kept deliberately short. In the dictionary, the details are the same as in the large ClickThai dictionary (still available as an independent program with the full vocabulary).

Exercises Mode "Thai" in detail:

Picture 9

Top: Mode selection (Thai, English, Audio, Learning). The delete button (DEL) is activated only when a learned word has been answered correctly at least eight times. A word you have already mastered can be removed prematurely from the pool.

Name of the student as selected from the user list. The display (92/100 in Picture 9) indicates that this is the 92nd Word from the pool, which has currently 100 entries. The brief progress bar shows how far the word is learned.
With three buttons, the user can select his personal preferences:
Sound output on or off
Automatic output of the Thai word on speaker
Show transcription or not

Green Area: Randomly selected Thai word, with or without transcription, to which the correct meaning is sought.
White Area: Answer boxes that contain the correct and incorrect answers. When you tap one of the boxes, the icon to the right will be replaced by either a green OK-button or a red X for a wrong answer. Then the response fields are disabled, thus a further input is prevented. At re-tapping, the next word will appear.
At Bottom:

Forward and reverse button to browse through all the words in the pool in the learning mode. In other modes, only the forward button is activated to show the next random selected word. Thus, the current word can be ignored, so it can be neither counted as true nor wrong.

The Show button brings the definition to the display. At a total unknown word you can look first, what it means, without being counted as correct or incorrect this time.

The speaker icon let you hear the Thai word spoken from the speaker or headphones. It can be operated as often as you need it.




The program is only available via App Store.


Price: 14.99 USD (11.99 EUR)