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ClickThai Mobile Dictionaries
Here you can order the unlocking of your mobile dictionary for Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 and Android.
If you decide for a payment through PayPal, you can unlock your dictionary in a few minutes. If you want to transfer the invoice amount, you get the registration number as soon as possible after the payment has arrived.
With this registration number you can register once to log in to ClickThai Language Center (left side Login menu - Register) to get access to the protected members area, where you can unlock your mobile dictionary.
If you are already registered with another product, and thus already have access to the members area, then log in to your account and add the registration number to your product portfolio.
If you pay the unlocking with PayPal, you will receive the registration number within minutes. To ensure this, you must leave PayPal with the button "Back to the Dealer". If you go to check your account or do other transactions, this button perhaps is no longer available. In that case, the registration code must be send to you manually and may require up to 24 hours.


Registration Number for unlocking ClickThai Mobile Dictionary:
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* = Max. 1 item
Unit price 18.00 €