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Learning Thai:
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Keyboard Stickers for Thai characters

With these stickers you can change any available keyboard to a Thai Keyboard. They are available as transparent films in various colors as well as non-transparent film. The stickers are pre-cut and can be taken out individually.

The transparent stickers show the Thai characters only, while keeping the original characters visible on the keycaps. The non-transparent stickers contain the Latin characters in the assignment for an English keyboard and the additional Thai characters. The existing signs on the keyboard are completely covered by the sticker. Regardless of the recent labeling of the keyboard, after applying the film, it is an English keyboard like Figure 2 (below) containing Thai characters.

Transparent Stickers are available with Thai characters in different colors: black, red, blue, green, and silver.

Figure 1 - Available Characters

Figure 2- English Keyboard





Unit price 5+ 10+
2.50 € 2.25 € 2.10 €
Transparent Stickers:
CTKB110-1 silver
CTKB110-2 black *
CTKB110-3 red
CTKB110-5 blue
CTKB110-6 white
* = Low stock
Nontransparent Stickers:
*** Out of stock