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ClickThai Mobile for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®

Version 3.0


The ClickThai dictionary Thai/English is available as offline application in the App Store. It contains the full vocabulary of the CD version, with almost 71,000 Thai words and 72,000 English words.

The biggest part of Thai words is equipped with sound files. So you can listen to the word, again and again, until you have it fully understood. The sound files are recorded with a native Thai speaker and not a synthetic computer voice.

The program works offline - no Internet connection is required.

As an universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the program is running on all your Apple devices and you have to pay only once.

First time in this version, a Word-By-Word-Translation is added. If you can not locate single words in a written text because there is non interspacing, then you can hardly look-up in a dictionary. Now you can copy and paste a complete SMS, Email, or text from a website into this program and you will get a list of all contained words with translations in the right order. This is enough to understand what it is about.

As soon as you tap into the input box for the search term, one of the iPhone or iPod Touch keyboards will open. That is always the last-used keyboard. With the globe in the bottom row you can change the keyboard.

An English device comes with an English keyboard installed. You can add a Thai keyboard within settings / general / keyboard.

There is a standard delete key ("X") within the input line.A delete button for single characters is located within the keyboard.

Top center you see the buttons to select the search directions English, Transcription, and Thai.

In the following examples you will find one for each of the three search directions. And for the new added functions.


1. English - Search for the Thai word

Suchergebnis Deutsch

Figure 1

If you want to go to buy vegetables for your meal und you don't know where to go, you can ask the Thai people on the street. You can't?

You can! Try to find the Thai word for "market" first. Start to type it in.

After the third entered character, a list with possible terms will be displayed and updated with every keystroke (Figure 1).

Hide the keyboard to see the full list (Figure 2). Here you find "market", the word you are searching for. You can tap on it to start the search.

Depending on the search term, this list can be very long. With hided keyboard you can scroll down the entire list to find your word, but maybe it's easier to enter one or more characters in the input line to get a shorter list. If the list becomes empty while typing in, then it means, there is no word with that beginning in the dictionary.

Suchergebnis Detail

Figure 2

Figure 3

The search result list is a scrollable list (Figure 3), containing all dictionary entries with the word "market" and also words that are fully contained within the search term. At the top positions you see the direct hits, sorted by relevance. This means that most frequently used terms appear in the upper positions.

You can tap the listed entries to see detailled translations. Try the first one and you will see the details (Figure 4).

Here is the word in Thai script and in transcription, and one or more English definitions. The transcription show you the right tone for every syllable (in red color). And - if the speaker symbol is not greyed out - you can hear the Thai word in a natural voice, spoken by a native Thai. More than 20.000 Thai words have a sound file included.

With the arrow buttons you can walk through the details without the need to going back to the search result list.

Back to our tour: The detail show the correct translation for "market", but not the type of market you are searching for. Go back to the search result and scroll down the list.

Figure 4

Figure 5

You'll find another entry "fresh food (green) market" (Figure 5) .

Go to see the details (Figure 6).

This is the word you are searching for!

Now you can ask any Thai together with a questioning glance - or look up the right word for "where is..."

Figure 6

2. Transcription - Search for an English word

Suchergebnis Deutsch

Figure 7

If someone is asking you in Thai language, and you don't know what he want, you can try to find a word as you hear it.

Maybe you hear something like "talat glang nam". Select "Transcript" in your dictionary and type in what you've heard. Regardless of long or short, type in only short vowels. Regardless of soft or hard, type in only soft consonants. We call this "simplified transcription"

Try it with "talat glang nam" or "talatglangnam".

When you start to enter the word, after the third character you'll see the list with all possible words. After typing "talat" you get a screen like Figure 7. The second entry is what you are searching for. Tap on this entry to see the search result list (Figure 8). It's the same as when you enter the full word and tap "Search". Details are available to see Thai script and translation.

So it becomes easy to find any word that you hear on the street.

Figure 8

3. Thai - Search for English translation

Figure 9

If you know the Thai script of a word, you can search for Thai terms too.

Searching for ตลาด also requires only to type in the first characters to find the full word in the list (Figure 9). Tap on the first entry to get the search result list for all words containing ตลาด at the beginning or the end or within other Thai words (Figure 10). The detail for the first entry is almost the same as you've seen in Figure 4.

Figure 10

4. Translate Thai text Word-By-Word

Figure 11

How such a useful function can be that simple?

Type in or just copy Thai text from any source and tap "Translate". A few seconds later you'll get a list with separated words. Details are available for all known words.


Figure 12

5. Memo function

Figure 13

Have you noticed the Memo sign in the detail pages (Figures 4 and 6) in the upper right corner? Tap this sign, and this word will be added in the memo list.

In this way you can put a few words that you need for a particular situation. So that they are available to you quickly in that situation.

If you have, for example, searched for "market", but really wanted to find the "fish market", then you have found it also in the search results list (Figure 10). If you want to remember this word to ask someone where the fish market is located, then place it in the Memo list to find it quickly afterwards. Maybe you are then looking for "where is" and put this word also in the Memo list, you can go ask somebody (Figure 13).

For every Memo entry, there is a detail view available (Figure 14).

Figure 14

Figure 15

If you find a new word, that is not yet in the dictionary, you can insert an own Memo with all details you want.

In the example (Figure 15) you define a keyword, under which this entry will be listed, and all the details you know.

Tap on "Preview" to check the appearence of the details page (Figure 16).


Figure 16

Figure 17

If this is a new word that you wish to report to the ClickThai editors, tap the mail symbol on top right. This will open your Email program with a prefilled Email (Figure 17). You tap on "Send", the word will be checked and perhaps included in the next edition of the dictionary.

Self-added memos appear in the list in the same way as the memos from the dictionary (Figure 18).

To keep the message list clearly you can delete single entries or all at once. Keywords beginning with an asteriks are protected from the full deletion and can only be removed individually.

Figure 18



The new version contains:

71,000 Thai words
72,000 English words
65,000 Transcript words
60,000 Sound files

The program is only available via App Store.

Price: 26.99 USD