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ClickThai Language Center - Registration

One subarea of ClickThai is only available for customers. That partition contains additional functions and additions for purchased products.

Registration is possible only if you got a registration number in the form "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" together with your product. After registration you will have Username and Password to login and use the product-depending items.

Please register only once even if you got registration numbers for different products. You can add the other products in the members area in order to acces all of them under a single account.

Registration numbers, which can be used here, will be awarded only in conjunction with the various products and can not be purchased separately.

Please fill out all fields in the registration screen, and remember in particular Username and Password for future login. If you have multiple email addresses or change them occasionally, you remember necessarily that one you have specified. Should you forget your login information, we can only identify you by the email address. Even if this address should no longer be valid, we can still help. You can be assured that we will send it to this email address no kind of unwanted mail (spam) and certainly do not disclose it to anyone.